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Architectural Necklace Project
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Architectural Necklace Project

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  1. Deconstruct the filigree square by carefully removing three of the corners using your nipper tool. Trim as close to the edges as possible and then file down any rough places. See picture for reference..
  2. Cut a piece of the chain about 16" making sure you have one link in the middle, to do this, before cutting measure out 16" and put the end links together and check the middle to ensure you have a center link.
  3. Cut a two link piece of chain. Using an eye pin to connect it to the center link, drop a 6mm round crystal silver shade round onto it trim, and make a rosary loop.
  4. Drop a 6mm bicone tanzanite onto an eye pin, connecting it to the other end of the two link piece of chain, trimming it to size and make a rosary loop and connect it to the top hole of the new filigree.
  5. Cut a 12" piece of stringing wire and crimp into the left corner of the filigree finding, using the Magical Crimp Forming Tool.
  6. String a 6mm bicone tanzanite, 1" of seed beads, a 6mm bicone tanzanite, 8mm round crystal silver shade, 6mm bicone tanzanite, 1" of seed beads, 6mm round crystal silver shade, 5 1/8" of seed beads, 6mm bicone tanzanite, slip the end link of the chain onto the wire, 6mm round crystal silver shade round, a seed bead, crimp bead, seed bead.
  7. Crimp the end of the wire into the trigger clasp using the Magical Crimp Forming Tool.
  8. Repeat the instructions above for the other seed bead strand crimping it into a 1" piece of chain extension to complete the necklace.
Tools and Materials Needed:

Silver Plated 35mm Square Filigree Finding- 1pc
Swarovski Crystal Xilion Bicone (5328) 6mm, Tanzanite- 9pc
Swarovski Crystal Round (5000) 6mm, Crystal Silver Shade- 5pc
Swarovski Crystal Round (5000) 8mm, Crystal Silver Shade- 2pc
8/0 S/L Dk Smoky Amethyst AB Miyuki- 6grams
Silver Plated Fancy Cable Chain, 3x5mm- 18"
Silver Plate 2 Inch Eye Pins, 21 Gauge, Bag of 10- 2pc
Beadalon 49-strand Wire, 30 ft, .018- 24"
Silver Filled Crimp Beads, Bag of 50, 2 x 2mm- 4pc
BeadSmith Magical Crimp Forming Tool For .014"-.015" Wire
Round Nose Pliers
Nipper Tool

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Silver Plated 35mm Square Filigree Pendant/Finding
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