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Amazonite and Smokey Quartz Necklace

Part Number:VIDEO-0140

I just recently went to a great museum we have around here, I knew immediately the kids may not get me to leave this section, it was the Gems of the Earth! I was instantly stricken with inspiration for gemstone video I was coming up with. The Amazonite and Smokey Quartz crystal formation I spotted was it! I quickly snapped a picture of it, before I was being dragged away to see what I would look like as a large golf ball...seriously. Upon my return to work I pulled up my pretty inspirational formation and found the beads I need for this design. The color blocking technique works so well with the two shades of blue Amazonite and the nugget section of Smokey Quartz. I hope you all enjoy this design and can interpret it to your inspiration!

Tips and Tricks
  • Though I used one strand in the 8mm Amozonite round and Smokey Quartz Nugget, I did use a few more beads of a second strand of the 6mm Amozonite.
  • Bead boards are a great tool when making multi-stranded necklaces.
  • Using a smaller size bead at the back of the necklace works better with the 3 strand slide lock clasp.

- Karla Schafer, Auntie's Beads Lead Designer
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