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After Six Beaded Cuff Bracelet
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After Six Beaded Cuff Bracelet

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  1. Using memory wire shears cut 4 pieces of the memory wire, cutting just as the coils overlap.
  2. Using the memory wire bending tool, make a small loop on the end of every piece.
  3. Add one piece of the memory wire to the first loop of 4 loops on the connector.
  4. String a bicone, pearl, bicone, square, bicone, pearl, bicone, square, bicone, pearl, bicone, square, bicone, pearl, bicone.
  5. Trim some of the excess wire to about 3/8" and make another small loop using the memory wire bending tool.
  6. Connect the wire to the other connector in the corresponding loop.
  7. Repeat for the three remaining wires.
  8. To add the clasps, add a an eye pin to one loop of the connector, slip on a bicone, and make a rosary loop on the other end connecting it to one side of the clasp. Repeat for the other half.
  9. Repeat the above step to complete the bracelet.
  10. To easily adjust the length of the bracelet, make changes in the bead design length or add more bead to the claps connection.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Pewter Antique Silver Large Fancy Connector, 30x65mm- 2pc
Swarovski Crystal Pearls, 8mm, Mystic Black- 16pc
Chinese Crystal 6mm Bicone Bead Strand, Crystal Vitrail- 36pc
Chinese Crystal Faceted Square Bead, Purple Vitrail, 14mm- 12pc
Antique Silver Plated 10mm Magnetic Clasp With Crystals- 2pc
Silver Plate 2 Inch Eye Pins, 21 Gauge, 10pc- 2pc
Bracelet Memory Wire, Medium
Memory Wire Bending Pliers
Memory Wire Shears
Chain Nose Pliers
Nipper Tool

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