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About Us

A Brief and Humble Bio of Auntie's Beads
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So you want to know something about us, eh? Well, here is where we go to swim in beads, ship your orders, make new jewelry designs, and generally run amok:

Auntie's Beads
2331 Gravel Dr
Fort Worth, TX US

And here is the bio thing (and probably more than you wanted to know):

Auntie's Beads (our full name is Auntie's Beads & Aunt Petie's, Inc., to be precise) got started in the Fall of 2000 when Susie and Ron Henderson put their heads together (butting heads being a common practice with them) and decided that it would be good to make is easier for beaders to find good quality beading products, not just the stuff you could get at Hobby Lobby. So www.auntiesbeads.com was born -- an appropriate word because they often say it feels like a fourth child. The three real children (grown now) all work, or have worked in the company. And so does their Memaw, but please don't get us started on Memaw!

Auntie's has changed and grown a lot in our nearly 12 years in business, but the original intent is very much the same -- help beaders to learn, pay attention to our customers, and offer only high quality products with a fun, easy, and reliable shopping experience.

We invite you to explore our beading web site: discover color-coordinated bead and component sets to inspire you, view a video on the latest beading technique with Karla Kam (featuring our popular lead designer, Karla Schafer), and explore our extensive gallery of projects and beading instruction.

When it comes to our products, did we mention that we feature only the best quality, customer reviewed and rated beads, components, and beading supplies to be found on the web? If it doesn't meet our standards and yours, we get rid of it. That's why, unlike the competition, you don't find 40,000 products on our web site. We'd rather not see your eyes glaze over or watch you do the Meryl Streep head spin.

We're also the most accessible bead site on the web. Just call 1-866-26BEADS or use our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to Contact Us. We promise a quick response, 7 days a week.

So there you go, that's us. Now what about you? We invite you to be more than a customer and to interact with us and with the beading community. A great place to start is our popular and very active Auntie's Bead Chat on Facebook. It's a closed group (but don't worry, we'll let YOU in) that really supports each other, where you can post pictures of your work, get encouragement and suggestions, and just share in the wonderful community experience that is beading and jewelry making.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get back to beading ...
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