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8/0 S/L Amethyst Miyuki Seed Beads
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8/0 S/L Amethyst Miyuki Seed Beads

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8/0 Silver Lined Amethyst Miyuki Seed Beads As with all the silver lined Miyukis, you'll see light catching the inner silver lining and accenting the base color of the bead, in this case a pretty amethyst. 8/0 seed beads are versatile for a number of popular jewelry and craft designs.
  • Approx. beads per package: 390
  • Approx. beads per inch: 13
Sold As: 10 gram package
Country of Origin: Japan
Size: 03mm x 02mm
Material: Glass
Shape: Round
Hole Size: 1mm
Bin: F8-801
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