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$5 Gift Certificate
$5 Gift Certificate
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$5 Gift Certificate

IMPORTANT: To find your gift certificate code after you purchase it, go to View Gift Certificate Details

You will always be able to view your gift certificate codes and get their balances on your My Account page. Just look for Gift Certificate and click View Details.
Customer Reviews
What can you say about the re-buy gift Certificate in your favorite store?
Many thanks for a great buying experience, excellent items I can buy from you and for the nicest gifts...
Reviewed by: sharon weiss from Israel. on 12/19/2014
$5 Gift Certificate
I thought shopping at Auntie's was great because of the free shipping but having the added bonus of chalking up points to use for Certificates is the cherry for the cake. Thanks so much for keeping me broke and loaded with high quality items. You're the best.
Reviewed by: Leslie from St. Charles, MO. on 11/12/2014
Review of Gift Certificate
I have used several gift certificates. The most recent to renew my beaders advantage. Can't wait to use the next one.
Reviewed by: Sharon from Lumberton NJ. on 11/1/2014
Reward Points for Gift Certificates
This is a great way to gain even more value to being a member of Aunties Beads. I am new to this site and I LOVE having the rewards and special discount email opportunities.
Reviewed by: Dalaine Bowen from Portland, Oregon. on 10/20/2014
Hurray for Auntie's
Honestly, who would like a gift certificate?
Reviewed by: Terry from ky. on 9/28/2014
Gift certificate
It is really great to get the chance to take money off on a repeat order. Makes it even more worthwhile to shop here.
Reviewed by: Alisa Aiken from Hornby Island. on 9/2/2014
Gift Certificates
Along with all the great products that Auntie's Beads has the points program is just an added bonus. It is great to get the points with each order and watch them grow. I have used the gift certificate's and along with the Beader's Advantage program it is a great incentive. Also appreciate that you notify me with an update on my points after each order, Thank you.
Reviewed by: Donna Speers from Ontario. Canada. on 8/22/2014
Gift Certificates a wonderful perk!
I always enjoy earning points that add up to dollar amount gift certificates that I can apply toward future purchases. Sometimes I do forget to look in my account to see how many points I have accumulated already. Is there some way for lazy people like me to have that shown in my checkout cart - say something like "earned 205 points - 44 more to go"?
Reviewed by: Anit from Stewartsville, NJ. on 8/19/2014
It's like getting paid to shop!
I love the little extra that soon adds up. It's always a nice surprise to find you've earned enough for a gift certificate that you can use or give as a gift.
Reviewed by: Diane from GA. on 7/10/2014
Magatama Beads
I love the color selection and that the colors on the monitor tend to run true to the beads I receive.
Reviewed by: Katheryn A. Martin from Sparta, TN. on 5/6/2014
Another bonus from Auntie's Beads
Auntie's has so many benefits: lots of up-to-date fairly-priced products, members benefits of free shipping and 10% off each order, AND gift certificates for just buying their products. What could be better than that?! Love Auntie's Beads, their Customer Service and Delivery--they are the Greatest!
Reviewed by: Judy Rose Designs from Arena, WI. on 3/30/2014
Easy to use
Easy to use and easy to earn. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Theresa Enriquez from California. on 1/10/2014
Gift certificates
It is such a nice perk to get points for buying things, and now that I have been a beader for over a year, I just love your site. Getting free stuff is even better. Thank you for making it possible to want to be creative. I tell all my friends about you.
Reviewed by: Lita Montes from Carlsbad, CA. on 10/10/2013
Auntie's Bead Bucks
Brilliant idea! It is nice to accumulate some "free money" to buy MORE beads! I have trouble with the redeeming process - I haven't figured out how it works, but in the end I get credit and that is just a nice thing. Thanks, Auntie's,I always spend LOTS more than I had intended, but I am always happy when I get my order so it all works! The Bead Bucks are just a nice little perk.
Reviewed by: Lin Archer from Oklahoma. on 3/9/2013
Every little bit helps :)
These 'gift certificates' from Auntie's Beads are much appreciated. Every little bit of savings helps and it is nice to have the option to redeem your points and apply them to your order.
Reviewed by: Lois D from Winterport, ME. on 11/26/2012
I love free
The gift certificate was earned just by buying beads at Aunties Beads. The Advantage Program is great.
Reviewed by: Karen from Calif. on 11/5/2012
Gift Certificate
I just LOVE the Beaders's Advantage program! Not only do I get a 10% discount but I also accumalate points and get gifts cards after so many points!! I LOVE FREE stuff!!!
Reviewed by: Beth from Jacksonville, FL. on 9/28/2012
Love this!!!
I will continue to order from Aunties Beads. Great products at great prices; not to mention the AWESOME rewards. Thank you Aunties Beads!!!!
Reviewed by: Carolyn Howe from Deering ND. on 4/29/2012
Gift Certificates
They came in very handy when I needed that extra bit I didn't have. Thank you Auntie's Beads
Reviewed by: Wendy from Havelock, NC. on 4/27/2012
Nice to be "rewarded" for previous purchases.
Reviewed by: Ann Haroldson from Monroe, WI. on 4/24/2012
$5 gift certificsate
Very good idea, since sometimes the rewards products were not of your liking. However I found it difficult to redeem due to the fact it did not show on my total . So I called and they said it did go thru and they were having trouble with the web site . So all was well.
Reviewed by: Paula from Boston. on 4/16/2012
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