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11/0 Matte Tr Lt Topaz AB Miyuki Seed Beads
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11/0 Matte Tr Lt Topaz AB Miyuki Seed Beads

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11/0 Matte Transparent Light Topaz AB Miyuki Seed BeadsYou'll love this creamy topaz that positively screams out "put me with pearls." Well, maybe it doesn't scream, but it at least whispers. Try this in the magatama or the tila shapes as well, and in larger sizes like 6/0 and 8/0. We hope you like Auntie's great selection of Miyuki Seed Beads and our guaranteed discount Seed Beads prices.
  • Approx. beads per package: 1,100
  • Approx. beads per inch: 18
Sold As: 10 gram package
Country of Origin: Japan
Size: 02mm x 01mm
Material: Glass
Shape: Round
Hole Size: 1mm
Bin: F2-240
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