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Beadle Point Stitchable iPhone Case, Red
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 Beadle Point Stitchable iPhone Case, Red
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Country of Origin: China
THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PLEASE USE OUR SEARCH ENGINE TO FIND SIMILAR PRODUCTS. Beadle Point Stitchable iPhone 4/4S Case, Red. For use with 15/0 seed beads, beading thread, and size 10 beading needles.

Package includes 2 patterns and a website with how-to's, additional patterns and free graph paper.

Basic instructions for embellishing the case with beads:
  1. Thread your size 10 beading needle with about 2 feet of thread (Nymo or Fireline work great). Tie a knot at the end of the thread.
  2. Bring your needle up to the lower left corner of an "intersection". Pick up a bead, then run your needle through the upper right corner of the "intersection".
  3. Continue filling in the area with the bead colors shown on your pattern.
  4. To end a thread, run your needle back through several stitches inside the case to secure the beads.
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